Resource Spotlight: Human Resources for Health (HRH) Indicator Compendium

HRH indicator compendium
HRH indicator compendium

This compendium provides a list of published indicators on human resources for health (HRH) organized according to the results framework of the CapacityPlus project. The objective of this compendium is to provide a tool for HRH systems strengthening practitioners interested in monitoring HRH projects and programs.

In order to provide a valuable set of measurement tools, indicators from multiple sources were evaluated based on the widely-referenced criteria for data quality: accuracy, reliability, completeness, precision, timeliness, and integrity1. Each indicator relates to a specific desired output or outcome, can be quantified, is associated with an overall program result, can be realistically achieved with appropriate resources and support, and can be measured over a designated period of time. While far more extensive lists of indicators are available, many of these indicators in some of these lists do not meet these criteria and consequently compromise their usefulness for monitoring HRH results. [from introduction]

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