Resource Spotlight: Labor Market for Health Workers in Africa: A New Look at the Crisis

A new look at the crisis © World Bank
New look at the crisis © World Bank

This book sheds light on the status of health worker need, supply, and distribution across Africa. It analyzes regional and country data to address six key issues: the specific levels of human resources for health in Africa; differences in human resources for health across countries; changing roles of the public and private sector in the healthworker market; motivation for health worker performance; health worker training; and producing health workers.

The book draws on the lessons, knowledge, and data gathered by the World Bank's Africa Region Human Resources for Health Program. For the first time, the various complexities of HRH labor markets are addressed comprehensively in one volume. Given the increasing demand in countries for strong health workforces that can help achieve universal health coverage, we hope this book will be beneficial to researchers, policy makers, and practitioners who are trying to develop evidence-based HRH interventions to achieve this end. [from author]

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