Resource Spotlight: Scaling up Health Worker Production: The Bottlenecks and Best Buys Approach

Bottlenecks and best buys process
Bottlenecks and best buys process

This technical brief presents an overview an approach to help identify critical bottlenecks to providing quality preservice education and prioritize affordable actions for increasing the quantity of graduates while maintaining or improving the quality of education.

The Bottlenecks and Best Buys approach entails reviewing a health professional school's current capacity and strengths in the nine core areas with a view toward suggesting ways to increase the number of qualified graduates responsive to national health priorities, particularly in underserved areas such as rural and periurban settings, and across all levels of the health care pyramid. The approach aims to provide key information to decisionmakers— without taking up excessive staff, student, and partner time—so they gain further insight into education and training at the institution, and identify critical constraints that hold back the institution from successfully accelerating expansion, without loss of quality. [from author]

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