Resource Spotlight: Health Workforce Governance and Leadership Capacity in the African Region: HRH Units in Ministries of Health

photo © WHO
photo © WHO

The capacity to govern the health workforce agenda in the country for effective service delivery is crucial, especially in the context of shortages of qualified health workers. While many countries are making great strides in providing the required leadership, it is clear from field visits that health workforce interventions remain fragmented not only within the ministry of health, but also with related sectors that influence the availability and performance of the health workforce.

This report on the functioning of HRH units or departments in the ministry of health offers a window into what is generally observed as capacity challenges of the health workforce governance. The intention of this report is to use the results to advocate for strengthening the ministerial HRH function so that ministries of health can improve coordination with other sectors and partners to ensure better service delivery. [from foreword]

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