Resource Spotlight: Health Worker Motivation in the Context of HIV Care and Treatment Challenges in Mbeya Region, Tanzania

photo credit: SB. Corrigan/PASADA
photo credit: B. Corrigan/PASADA

Health worker motivation can potentially affect the provision of health services. Low morale among the workforce can undermine the quality of service provision and drive workers away from the profession. The HIV pandemic has placed additional strain on health service provision through the extra burden of increased testing and counselling, treating opportunistic infections and providing antiretroviral treatment (ART). Health workers, too, have been affected and infected by HIV adding further stress to the provision of health services.

The aim of this paper is to explore the challenges generated by HIV care and treatment and their impact on health worker motivation in Mbeya Region, Tanzania. The specific objectives are to examine how HIV related challenges have affected the determinants of motivation at the individual level, at the organisational and structural level and, finally, at the level of the socio-cultural environment. [from author]

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