Côte d'Ivoire works to rebuild its supply chain


After more than a decade of political instability and violence, Côte d'Ivoire works to heal its wounded supply chain, which makes drug and medical supply delivery difficult to outlying areas.

From Aidspan:

While the situation in the west is particularly difficult, it is not, unfortunately, unique, according to Dr Serge Yapo, the commercial and marketing director for the national Pharmacy for Public Health, which coordinates all medical deliveries from the economic capital Abidjan to the districts and general hospitals across the country.

"The weakest link in the chain is delivery between the districts and the health centers," he told Aidspan. That's not to say that the rest of the supply chain is all that sturdy, he cautioned: even delivery from the central warehouse in Abidjan to general hospitals at the district level can be easily compromised -- another casualty of the extended conflict.

"The crisis interrupted the supply chain and really exposed the weaknesses in having a single, centralized distribution point," he said. "We are hoping that by mid-2015 we will have a decentralized, regional system in place.

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