Human Resources Development and Strategic Plan 2005-2025 (Lesotho)




Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Lesotho




This document is a combined Human Resources Development Plan and Human Resources Strategic Plan for the health and social welfare sector of Lesotho. The Development Plan is presented in Chapters 2 through 5, and the Strategic Plan is presented in Chapter 6. The essential difference between the two is that the HR Development Plan represents a technical assessment of the total labor supply and training requirements for the sector in the absence of any budget or production constraints. It reflects a technical assessment of what is needed and what should be produced and financed if we faced no constraints. The Strategic Plan by contrast takes cognizance of budget and production constraints and thus represents a prioritized plan that would be technologically feasible from a production standpoint and financially feasible assuming the investment and incremental recurrent budgetary resources are forthcoming as anticipated. [from introduction]


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