HRH Global Resource Center October Newsletter


  • The term Staffing Ratio has been added to the subject category.
  • Israel, Singapore, Serbia, Czech Republic, Sierra Leone and Zanzibar have been added to the geographic category.
  • The GRC coordinated a review of its resources and subject terms with 5 technical area experts to ensure the quality of the collection and taxonomic appropriateness. Based on their recommendations the GRC removed 7 resources judged to be outdate or not useful; added 16 resources on topics identified as critical for the collection; and modified the taxonomy to include better HIV/AIDS classification and is planning a reorganization of the Education and Training resources as well.
  • The GRC was proud to post an HRH Leaders in Action Interview with Khamis Khamis, the Head of the Human Resource Division of the Zanzibar Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Tanzania.
  • News articles this month include:
  • Resource Spotlights include:
  • The GRC currently has 1,482 resources and has added 109 new resources this month. Ten of the latest additions are below including two documents the GRC now hosts for the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone: "Sierra Leone Human Resource for Health Development Plan 2006-2010" and "Human Resources for Health Policy in Sierra Leone for the Ministry of Heath and Sanitation;" and two new Capacity Project publications, "Zanzibar Health Care Worker Productivity Study: Preliminary Study Findings" and" Developing the Health Workforce: Training Future Nurses and Midwives in Rwanda."

10 Resources Added This Month

Migration of Nurses from Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review of Issues and Challenges
This paper was commissioned to identify and review reports, documents and data relating to nursing workforce dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa with the objective of analyzing, synthesizing, and presenting key information on nurse migration in the region. [from abstract]

Community Health Workers: What Do We Know About Them? The State of the Evidence on Programmes, Activities, Costs an Impact on Health Outcomes of Using Community Health Workers
This review paper revisits questions regarding the feasibility and effectiveness of community health worker programmes. It constitutes a desktop review, which draws together and assesses the evidence as it can be found in the published and selected literature since the late 1970s. [from executive summary]

Lost in Translation: Exploring the Link Between HRM and Performance in Healthcare
This article investigates links between HRM and performance in healthcare settings and the extent to which healthcare organizations are monitoring HRM. [adapted from abstract]

Crisis in Human Resources for Health in the African Region
This edition covers topics such as: migration of skilled health workers, investing in human resources for health, strengthening human resources for health in Africa, and the economic cost of health professionals brain drain in the African region. [author's description]

HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination in Caribbean Health Care Settings: Trigger Scenarios
This series of 13 short video scenarios were produced to trigger discussion about common situations in Caribbean health care settings where HIV and AIDS stigma and discrimination may occur and can be prevented. The videos were produced to be used during HIV and AIDS training for health workers at all levels, including physicians, nurses, lab technicians, janitors and receptionists. [publisher's description]

Zanzibar Health Care Worker Productivity Study: Preliminary Study Findings
This report summarizes the findings and conclusions of [a baseline study and a three-day stakeholder workshop on productivity]. Specifically, we present the baseline study findings, identify areas where current productivity falls short of desired levels, consider the root causes of identified productivity gaps and offer practical recommendations for feasible management interventions to improve productivity. [from introduction]

International Opportunities in Medical Education
The purpose of this electronic resource is to make available information about the extent and nature of international opportunities for medical students, residents, and faculty. [publisher's description]

Sierra Leone Human Resource for Health Development Plan 2006-2010
This plan contains an analysis of the current situation with a focus on the distribution of health personnel, the current stock, wastage, outputs from training schools, dropout rates and human resources policies currently obtained in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. [from preface]

Developing the Health Workforce: Training Future Nurses and Midwives in Rwanda
The Ministry [of Health in Rwanda] has focused on revamping its nursing education programs and producing skilled graduates who are ready to respond to the country’s most pressing health needs. [author’s description]

Human Resources for Health Policy in Sierra Leone for the Ministry of Heath and Sanitation
This HRH policy document addresses the production and utilization of Human Resources (HR) within the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in Sierra Leone. It also responds to the contemporary challenges and developments including the exodus of human resources and advancement in technology. This policy intends to regulate and direct planning, production, management, utilization and monitoring of HR within the health sector. [from foreword]

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