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10 Resources Added This Month

Human Resources for Health in Tanzania: Challenges, Policy Options and Knowledge Gaps
NORAD commissioned this study in order to learn how the human resource challenge currently is being addressed in Tanzania. By structuring available evidence within a strategic policy framework, and by identifying key knowledge gaps, this study may serve as an input to the further efforts to strengthen the health workforce in Tanzania. [from introduction]

HR Mapping of the Health Sector in Kenya: the Foundation for Effective HR Management
This Technical Brief describes how the Ministry of Health conducted a human resource mapping exercise of all public health staff in Kenya, and discusses the implications of the findings. [from abstract]

Taking Stock: Health Worker Shortages and the Response to AIDS
This document argues that there is a need for more targeted interventions to support health workers who are at risk from AIDS to enable them to deliver good care and keep them in their positions.

Job Satisfaction Survey (Draft)
These job satisfaction surveys are tools intended to gain feedback from providers who have changed jobs, providers who have stayed in their positions and managers in district and facility level health centers in order to measure satisfaction with working conditions.

Integrating Poverty and Gender into Health Programmes: A Sourcebook for Health Professionals (Module on Gender-Based Violence)
This module is designed to improve the awareness, knowledge and skills of health professionals on gender-based violence. [from author's description]

Health Human Resources Trends in the Americas: Evidence for Action (Draft)
This report makes recommendations on the steps necessary to evaluate and plan actions for improving human resources for health in the Americas.

Public Health in the Americas, Strategies for Developing the Health Workforce: Based on Current Policies and Technical Evidence
This document relies on existing knowledge and expertise to recommend strategies to develop human resources and training in public health for Latin American and the Caribbean. [adapted from author]

Rural Workers' Contribution to the Fight Against HIV/AIDS: a Framework for District and Community Action
This strategy paper takes stock of best practice experiences in supporting communities in their response to HIV/AIDS in several countries in Africa. It draws lessons from Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Malawi, Nigeria, and Tanzania and sheds light on methods that a growing number of organizations and individuals use to foster behavior change among people living in rural areas. [from forward]

Interactive Company Case Studies Database
This database was designed primarily for company managers wishing to establish their own [HIV/AIDS] workplace programs and who wish to learn from the experiences of other employers. A range of workplace programs are presented to inform companies of the available options. [from publisher's description]

Strengthening the Health Workforce: a Draft Technical Framework
This note provides a brief overview of the scope and nature of health workforce challenges in low-income countries; provides a simple framework for organizing the analysis of problems and responses; and outlines possible priority actions at country and international level.

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