General Practitioner Workforce Planning: Assessment of Four Policy Directions

This study uses Ireland as a case study to determine the future demand and supply of general practitioners and to assess the potential impact of several possible interventions to address future shortages. [from abstract]

Using Standardized Patients to Assess Communication Skills in Medical and Nursing Students

A number of recent developments in medical and nursing education have highlighted the importance of communication and consultation skills (CCS). Although such skills are taught in all medical and nursing undergraduate curriculums, there is no comprehensive screening or assessment programme of CCS. This study was designed to test the content, process and acceptability of a screening programme in CCS with Irish medical and nursing students. [adapted from abstract]

I Won't be Staying Here for Long: a Qualitative Study on the Retention of Migrant Nurses in Ireland

Although international nurse recruitment campaigns have succeeded in attracting large numbers of migrant nurses to countries such as Ireland, where domestic supply has not kept pace with demand, the long-term success of such initiatives from a workforce planning perspective will depend on the extent to which these nurses can be retained in destination countries. [from introduction]

Quantitative Tool for Workforce Planning in Healthcare: Example Simulations

This report summarizes a series of quantitative models developed to assist in workforce planning and using example simulation projections for the demand and supply of healthcare workers in Ireland. [adapted from executive summary]

Challenge for Nursing and Midwifery

In this discussion document, the Department of Health and Children identifies key development issues facing nursing and midwifery in the future. This is in order to establish a strong platform for the formulation of a strategic response to these issues. The document contains an insightful analysis of the challenges ahead and identifies a range of possible responses. [from preface]

Nursing Workforce Profile

This yearly profile is a summary of statistics about the nursing workforce in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, UK and USA.

Migration of Nurses: Trends and Policies

This paper examines the policy context of the rise in the international mobility and migration of nurses. It describes the profile of the migration of nurses and the policy context governing the international recruitment of nurses to five countries: Australia, Ireland, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States.