Physicians’ Engagement in Dual Practices and the Effects on Labor Supply in Public Hospitals: Results from a Register-Based Study

Physician dual practice, a combination of public and private practice, has attracted attention due to fear of reduced work supply and a lack of key personnel in the public system, increase in low priority treatments, and conflicts of interest for physicians who may be competing for their own patients when working for private suppliers. In this article, we analyze both choice of dual practice among hospital physicians and the dual practices’ effect on work supply in public hospitals. [from abstract]

Safety Measures to Prevent Workplace Violence in Emergency Primary Care Centres: A Cross-Sectional Study

The objective of this study was to investigate to which extent general practitioners work alone in emergency primary care centers in Norway, and to estimate the prevalence of other preventive measures against workplace violence. [from abstract]

Screening for Latent Tuberculosis in Norwegian Health Care Workers: High Frequency of Discordant Tuberculin Skin Test Positive and Interferon-Gamma Release Assay Negative Results

This study examined the role of blood based interferon-gamma release assays versus the tuberculin skin test for health workers exposed to tuberculosis. [adapted from abstract]

Checklists in the Operating Room: Help or Hurdle? A Qualitative Study on Health Workers' Experiences

This study explored the nurses’ and physicians’ acceptance and experiences with a pre-induction checklist implemented in an anaesthetic department. [adapted from author]

Work Hours and Self Rated Health of Hospital Doctors in Norway and Germany: A Comparative Study on National Samples

The study examines the relationship between work hours and self rated health in two national samples of hospital doctors. [from abstract]

Clinicians' Experiences of Becoming a Clinical Manager: A Qualitative Study

The aim of this study is to explore clinicians’ journeys towards management positions in hospitals, in order to identify potential drivers and barriers to management recruitment and development. [from abstract]

Factors Influencing the Development of Evidence-Based Practice Among Nurses: A Self-Report Study

This study aimed to examine factors influencing the implementation of evidence-based practice among nurses in a large Norwegian university hospital. [from abstract]

Impact of Change in a Doctor's Job Position: A Five-Year Cohort Study of Job Satisfaction among Norwegian Doctors

this prospective study explored the course of job satisfaction in a cohort of Norwegian doctors over a five-year period to determine the overall course of job satisfaction over the period, differences between job positions, and whether changes in job satisfaction was associated with a change in job position. [adapted from author]

Effects of Performance Appraisal in the Norwegian Municipal Health Services: a Case Study

This research evaluates the potential effect of job motivation, learning and self-assessment through performance appraisals for health personnel. [from introduction]

Postgraduate Training at the Ends of the Earth: a Way to Retain Physicians?

Recruitment and retention of qualified health professionals, especially physicians, is a major challenge in health service delivery in the high north, similar to other remote areas of the world. This article describes a strategy to address this problem and evaluates the effect of the strategy for Finnmark, the northernmost county of Norway. [from abstract]

Effective Physician Strategies in Norway's Northernmost County

Retaining physicians in remote settings can be challenging owing to the heavy workload and harsh environmental conditions and to the lack of opportunities for professional development. This study evaluated corrective measure to address the dearth of physicians in the north of Norway. [adapted from abstract]

Quality of Communication about Older Patients between Hospital Physicians and General Practitioners: a Panel Study Assessment

The main objectives of this study were to assess the quality of the written communication between physicians and to estimate the number of patients that could have been treated at primary care level instead of at a general hospital. [from abstract]

Predictors of Job Satisfaction Among Doctors, Nurses and Auxiliaries in Norwegian Hospitals: Relevance for Micro Unit Culture

The objective was to explore what domains of work are important for job satisfaction among doctors, nurses and auxiliaries and to discuss differences between professional groups in the perspective of micro team culture. [from abstract]

Migration of Nurses: Trends and Policies

This paper examines the policy context of the rise in the international mobility and migration of nurses. It describes the profile of the migration of nurses and the policy context governing the international recruitment of nurses to five countries: Australia, Ireland, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States.