Measuring the Effectiveness of an Intensive IPV Training Program Offered to Greek General Practitioners and Residents of General Practice

The need for effective training of primary care physicians in the prevention, detection and handling of intimate partner violence (IPV) has been widely acknowledged, given its frequency in daily practice. The current intervention study aimed to measure changes in the actual IPV knowledge, perceived knowledge, perceived preparedness and detection ability of practicing general practitioners and general practice residents, following an intensive IPV training program. [from abstract]

Primary Health Care and General Practice Attachment: Establishing an Undergraduate Teaching Network in Rural Greek Health Centers

This report describes the steps taken by a Greek medical school to establish and maintain a rural primary health care teaching network in order to implement community oriented primary health care and general practice for undergraduate medical education. [adapted from abstract]

Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Labor, and Job Satisfaction among Physicians in Greece

This study aimed at investigating the relationships, direct and/or indirect, between emotional intelligence, the surface acting component of emotional labor, and job satisfaction in medical staff working in tertiary healthcare. [from abstract]

Factors Associated with the Burnout Syndrome and Fatigue in Cypriot Nurses: A Census Report

The goal of this study was to explore the factors associated with the burnout syndrome in Cypriot nurses working in various clinical departments. [from abstract]

Effect of Internal Marketing on Job Satisfaction in Health Services: A Pilot Study in Public Hospitals in Northern Greece

The purpose of this study was to explore the effect of internal marketing, all the actions that an organization (i.e., health care organizations, hospitals) has to perform in order to develop, train and motivate its employees to enhance the quality of the services provided to its customers, on job satisfaction in health services - particularly in public hospitals in Northern Greece. [adapted from author]

Burnout and Training Satisfaction of Medical Residents in Greece: Will the European Work Time Directive Make a Difference?

The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of burnout in Greek medical residents, investigate its relationship with training satisfaction during residency and survey Greek medical residents’ opinion towards the European Work Time Directive. [from abstract]

Developing and Testing an Instrument for Identifying Performance Incentives in the Greek Health Care Sector

In the era of cost containment, managers are constantly pursuing increased organizational performance and productivity by aiming at the obvious target, i.e. the workforce. The health care sector, in which production processes are more complicated compared to other industries, is not an exception. In light of recent legislation in Greece in which efficiency improvement and achievement of specific performance targets are identified as undisputable health system goals, the purpose of this study was to develop a reliable and valid instrument for investigating the attitudes of Greek physicians, nurses and administrative personnel towards job-related aspects, and the extent to which these motivate them to improve performance and increase productivity.