Career Plans of Primary Care Midwives in the Netherlands and Their Intentions to Leave the Current Job

In labour market policy and planning, it is important to understand the motivations of people to
continue in their current job or to seek other employment. Over the last decade, besides the increasingly medical
approach to pregnancy and childbirth and decreasing home births, there were additional dramatic changes and
pressures on primary care midwives and midwifery care. Therefore, it is important to re-evaluate the career plans
of primary care midwives and their intentions to leave their current job. [from abstract]

Effect of an E-mental Health Approach to Workers' Health Surveillance versus Control Group on Work Functioning of Hospital Employees: A Cluster-RCT

This study aimed to evaluate an e-mental health approach to workers’ health surveillance targeting work functioning and mental health of healthcare professionals in a randomized controlled trial. [from abstract]

Effect of Nurse Home Visits vs. Usual Care on Reducing Intimate Partner Violence in Young High-Risk Pregnant Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Expectant mothers and mothers of young children are especially vulnerable to intimate partner violence. The nurse-family partnership is a home visitation program in the United States effective for the prevention of adverse child health outcomes, and this study evaluates the effectiveness of this health worker approach on reducing intimate partner violence in The Netherlands. [adapted from author]

Accuracy of General Practitioner Workforce Projections

This study tested a workforce projection model in the Netherlands by comparing the ex-post projected number of general practitioners with the observed number of general practitioners between 1998 and 2011. [adapted from abstract]

Learning Styles and Preferences for Live and Distance Education: An Example of a Specialization Course in Epidemiology

This article studied the relation between medical student participant learning styles and participation in live and distance education and the value that participants place on these two methodologies. [adapted from abstract]

Motives for Early Retirement of Self-Employed GPs in the Netherlands: A Comparison of Two Time Frames

This study focuses on general practioner (GP) turnover and the determining factors for this in the Netherlands. For two time periods, the authors analysed work perception, objective workload and reasons for leaving, and related these with the probability that GPs would leave general practice at an early age. [adapted from abstract]

Creating Effective Quality-Improvement Collaboratives: A Multiple Case Study

This study involves an evaluation of a quality-improvement programme for the long-term care in The Netherlands and deals with seven quality-improvement collaboratives focusing on patient safety and client autonomy in order to explore whether differences between collaboratives with respect to type of topic, type of targets and measures (systems) are also reflected in the degree of effectiveness. [adapted from author]

Are Dutch Patients Willing to be Seen by a Physician Assistant Instead of a Medical Doctor?

The objective of this study was to assess the willingness of Dutch patients to be treated by a physician assistant or a medical doctor under various time constraints and semi-urgent medical scenarios to determine the patients’ perspectives on using physician assistants as a means to bridge the growing gap between the supply and demand of medical services. [adapted from abstract]

How Do Postgraduate GP Trainees Regulate Their Learning and What Helps and Hinders Them? A Qualitative Study

The aim of this study is to explore how postgraduate general medical practitioner trainees regulate their learning in the workplace, how external regulation promotes self-regulation and which elements facilitate or impede self-regulation and learning for these healthcare workers. [adapted from abstract]

Ten Years of Health Workforce Planning in the Netherlands: A Tentative Evaluation of GP Planning as an Example

This paper explains a simulation model for health workforce planning developed to estimate the required and available capacity of health professionals in the Netherlands over the past ten years. [adapted from abstract]

Evalutation of Physicians' Professional Performance: An Iterative Development and Validation Study of Multisource Feedback Instruments

There is a global need to assess physicians’ professional performance in actual clinical practice. This study focuses on the reliability and validity, the influences of some sociodemographic biasing factors, associations between self and other evaluations, and the number of evaluations needed for reliable assessment of a physician based on the three instruments used for the multisource assessment of physicians’ professional performance in the Netherlands. [from abstract]

Evaluation of Primary Care Midwifery in the Netherlands: Design and Rationale of a Dynamic Cohort Study (DELIVER)

This paper describes the research design and methodology of the multicenter, multidisciplinary study evaluating the quality and provision of primary midwifery care. [adapted from abstract]

Effectiveness of Classroom Based Crew Resource Management Training in the Intensive Care Unit: Study Design of a Controlled Trial

This article describes a study protocol which aims to determine the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Crew Resource Management (CRM) staff training to enhance patient safety in intensive care units. [adapted from abstract]

Benefits and Problems of Electronic Information Exchange as Perceived by Health Care Professionals: an Interview Study

This study aims to increase our understanding of health care providers’ attitude towards a national electronic patient record, by investigating their perceptions of the benefits and problems of electronic information exchange in health care. The results of this study provide valuable suggestions about how to promote health care providers’ willingness to adopt electronic information exchange. [adapted from abstract]

Implementation of Integrated Care: the Empirical Validation of the Development Model for Integrated Care

This study empirically validated a model for integrated care in practice by assessing the relevance, implementation and plans of the elements in three integrated care service settings in The Netherlands. [from abstract]

Pilot Study Evaluating the Effects of an Intervention to Enhance Culturally Appropriate Hypertension Education among Healthcare Providers in a Primary Care Setting

This pilot study evaluates how an intervention to improve hypertension care for ethnic minority patients of African descent in the Netherlands affected the attitudes and perceived competence of hypertension care providers with regard to culturally appropriate care. [adapted from abstract]

High Workload and Job Stress are Associated with Lower Practice Performance in General Practice: an Observational Study in 239 General Practices in the Netherlands

This study explores whether high physician workload and job stress were associated with lower quality and outcomes of healthcare delivery performance in general practice settings in the Netherlands. [adapted from abstract]