Job Satisfaction

Uganda Health Workforce Study: Satisfaction and Intent to Stay Among Health Workers in Public and PNFP Facilities

This presentation was given at the First Forum on Human Resources for Health in Kampala. It describes a study to identify the level of satisfaction and intent to stay among health workers and effort to develop strategies to improve retention. [adapted from author]

Uganda Health Workforce Study: Satisfaction and Intent to Stay Among Current Health Workers: Executive Summary

This report summarises the results of a study of health worker satisfaction, working conditions and intent to continue working in the health sector in Uganda. The findings point to the importance of a number of factors that contribute to satisfaction and intent to stay, including differences by cadre, gender, age, sector (public or non-profit) and location. The results suggest several policy strategies to strengthen human resources for health in Uganda. [from abstract]

Satisfied Workers, Retained Workers: Effects of Work and Work Environment on Homecare Workers’ Job Satisfaction, Stress, Physical Health, and Retention

The goal of this project was to assist health system managers and policy makers develop policies and strategies to recruit and retain human resources in the homecare sector and have a satisfied, healthy workforce. Researchers worked in partnership with the agencies and the unions representing workers in the agencies to examine the effects of work and work environments on homecare workers’ emotional, mental, and physical health and intention to leave their workplaces. [executive summary]

Job Satisfaction Survey (Draft)

These job satisfaction surveys are tools intended to gain feedback from providers who have stayed in their positions, providers who have changed jobs and managers in district and facility level health centers in order to measure satisfaction with working conditions.

Predictors of Job Satisfaction Among Doctors, Nurses and Auxiliaries in Norwegian Hospitals: Relevance for Micro Unit Culture

The objective was to explore what domains of work are important for job satisfaction among doctors, nurses and auxiliaries and to discuss differences between professional groups in the perspective of micro team culture. [from abstract]