Methodology for Assessing the Professional Development Needs of Nurses and Midwives in Indonesia: Paper 1 of 3

In line with government initiatives, this series of studies was undertaken to establish the training and development needs of nurses and midwives working within a variety of contexts in Indonesia, with the ultimate aim of enhancing care provision within these domains. [from abstract]

Training and Development Needs of Midwives in Indonesia: Paper 2 of 3

The current study was part of a review of the existing complex system of midwifery training in Indonesia and the development of a coherent program of continuing professional development, tighter accreditation regulations and clearer professional roles.

Skilled Attendant at Birth: 2006 Updates

This docuemnt presents nationally representative data of births attended by skilled health workers available up to 2005 together with global, regional and subregional estimates. [author’s description]

Factors Affecting the Performance of Maternal Health Care Providers in Armenia

Over the last five years, international development organizations began to modify and adapt the conventional Performance Improvement Model for use in low-resource settings. This model outlines the five key factors believed to influence performance outcomes: job expectations, performance feedback, environment and tools, motivation and incentives, and knowledge and skills. This study presents a unique exploration of how the factors affect the performance of primary reproductive health providers (nurse-midwives) in two regions of Armenia. [from abstract]

Nursing Midwifery Services: Strategic Directions 2002-2008

This document outlines five key areas requiring intervention: human resources planning and capacity building, management of personnel, evidence-based practice, education, and stewardship. It provides a tangible response to resolution WHA54.12, which was adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2001, and facilitates the achievement of WHO’s four strategic directions as well as the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The document consists of two sections. Part I introduces the Strategic Directions, Key Result Areas and Objectives with the Expected Results to achieve them.