XVII International AIDS Conference


This year's conference will be held in Mexico City, Mexico on August 3-8, 2008. The conference theme – Universal Action Now – emphasizes the need for continued urgency in the worldwide response to HIV/AIDS, and for action on the part of all stakeholders at the global, national, regional and local levels. The theme is an important reminder that the HIV/AIDS epidemic does not exist in a vacuum. Strengthening health care systems in developing countries and addressing underlying social injustices that contribute to HIV risk and vulnerability such as poverty, gender inequality and homophobia are essential strategies in the global response to HIV. The conference will have several HRH programs including:

  • capacity building/sustainability strategies/healthy communities;
  • human resource and leadership development;
  • medical education for the non-medical client/worker; and
  • role of NGOs in strengthening health systems for scaling up.

Adapted from conference website.

For more information and to register, visit the conference website.

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