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10 Resources Added This Month

Leading Changes in Practices to Improve Health
This issue of "The Manager" focuses mainly on leading changes in practices that improve health. It spells out key success factors for change and presents the five phases of a change process.

Economic Perspective on Malawi's Medical Brain Drain
This paper presents the argument that brain-drain might also be seen as a success in the training and export of health professionals and the benefits this provides by focusing on the situation in Malawi. [adapted from author's description]

Training Competent and Effective Primary Health Care Workers to Fill a Void in the Outer Islands Health Service Delivery of the Marshall Islands of Micronesia
This paper discusses the details of training indigenous people as Health Assistants to service their local communities in the Marshall Islands, the modalities used to groom the candidates, and an assessment of the ultimate effectiveness of the program. [adapted from author's description]

Promise and Advantage of Distance-Learning for Nurses and Midwives
This presentation discusses the advantages and disadvantages of traditional teaching versus distance education for nurses and midwives.

Achieving a More Efficient Health Care Workforce
This session describes some innovative solutions to enhance the capacity and productivity of the current workforce and to build coherence into the management of human resources for stronger health systems. [adapted from publisher's description]

Bold Solutions to Africa's Health Worker Shortage
While the scale of the [health worker shortage] crisis is huge, solutions do exist. Many countries and communities around the world have begun to develop and implement innovative initiatives to sustain and build the health workforce. Several such examples are highlighted in this report. [adapted from publisher's description]

Integrating FP Services in VCT and PMTCT sites: the Experience of Pathfinder International-Ethiopia in the Amhara Region
This is a study of an intervention program focused on initiating and strengthening existing integration of FP into functional VCT, ART and PMTCT sites. Major challenges identified were related to health workers, such as high workload, staff burnout and turnover, as well as to efforts in scaling up of facilities operations to adequately incorporate integration activities. [from abstract]

Addressing the Crisis in Human Resources for Health
This technical brief discusses the shortage of human resources for health (HRH) that threatens the health care delivery system in many countries, particularly in Africa; and promising practices to strengthen HRH. [adapted from author]

Community Home-Based Care for People and Communities Affected by HIV/AIDS: Training Course and Handbook for Community Health Workers
This curriculum focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for providing holistic CHBC for people living with HIV/AIDS, transferring knowledge and skills to caregivers and CHBC clients, and mobilizing communities around HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment, and support. [ adapted from publisher's description]

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