New Frontiers in Primary Health Care: Role of Nursing and Other Health Professions


The conference will be held February 4-5, 2008 in Chiang Mai, Thailand and will explore the issues in Primary Health Care (PHC) in a diverse context and the roles of nursing in the execution and advancement of primary care. The conference aims to give a platform to dialogue on PHC and to pull together the experiences, lesson learned and future foreseeable problematic issues in order to learn and improve the health care professions in primary health care and nurses’ roles within the health system. The conference also aims to highlight the future of sufficient and efficient leadership in the nursing profession while encompassing community, public health, clinical, and research based nursing. Furthermore, international resources and inputs will assist in strategic mapping and future options that can assist in the anticipated problem areas in all aspects of PHC.

This conference is expected to serve as an important forum for academic exchange and explore primary health care in an international context with interdisciplinary approaches. Furthermore, it aims to promote global collaboration, nursing leadership and excellence in primary health care education, research, and practice.

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